Kent Entertainments



This web site of Kent Entertainments is available to advertise whats on for all those  enthusiastic Music and Food lovers  who live and work in that beautiful county of Kent often known as the Garden of England.  

But not just for food and music lovers but for visitors and tourists as well.

A good example is Rochester Castle.

Contrary to many rumours we are not really  Located in Gotham City nor in Area 51 in Nevada but in Kent the Garden of England.

But it is true though that one or two of the people who have worked for us do seem to be as if they have just been beamed down from an orbiting space ship and they seem to get beamed up every down or so and beamed back probably after they had their batteries charged.

We will now be growing this site with plenty of things to do and Entertainment venues in Kent and the immediate vicinity.


A previous classic listing



A great show all the way from the USA – ODYSSEY! 






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